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"She’ll be dead soon."

The Russo Brothers on Peggy Carter (x)

Around the 31:44 mark also known as the time that I started crying because HOW ABOUT NO

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I am pissed at this. I am really angry at this. I am really furious at all of the things they said - and I did listen, because I was so breathless with rage at the simplicity of the statement. It’s a dismissal. And really, the rest of what they say isn’t much better - that they needed someone from his past that it was about his story - that Peggy being his guiding light and moral center in a world he didn’t grow up in, had nothing to do with her own moral fiber or life experience. It had nothing to do with the fact that she has lived in that world, that she knows where he comes from and can at least guess at what he’s going through. It is not in the least about her, to them.

Whether she should be alive or dead for them, and I quote, “boiled down to really needing somebody from his past to be alive for him to actually interact with.” 

Fuck. That. 

This is fridging. This is the reduction of a kick-ass, defiant, intelligent woman to a set piece for the angst of a male character. This is total bullshit, and I won’t accept it, because Peggy Motherfucking Carter deserves better, she deserves a thousand times, a million times better, she deserves dignity and respect, not dismissal.

Fuck. That.

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Everyone should re blog this. And Marvel? If you want to keep getting women’s money, then you had better treat your female characters better.

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A-Thousand-word ‘s “Thank You For Following” Book Giveaway!

Hi everyone! I’m really excited to invite you to my book giveaway! I want to do something to say thank you to the several thousand of you who have joined me over the past four and a bit years, those who have sent me nice messages, and just generally make tumblr my favourite website.

I see myself as words blog not a book blog, but you’ve probably noticed that nevertheless I am a bit of a book worm. I love sharing my love of books so I’m really excited to invite you to join this! It’s not just a book giveaway though; there is also a choice of books of quotes, and a choice of notepads available, plus I’ve included Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal if reading isn’t your thing, or if English is your second language as I know is the case with many of you.


  • This is open internationally (yay!). To win you will need to share your address with me which I will only use to post the prize. If you are a minor in your country of residence get a guardians permission first please!
  • The winner will be able to choose one of each of the following;
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  • This closes on January 31st. It’s too busy to do around Christmas time, and it’s after my next payday.

The Rules:

  • You must be following me, since this is to thank followers.  I will check.
  • You can enter by liking and reblogging this post. You can reblog as frequently as you desire. Each reblog is an entry, but please be conscientious of your followers and don’t spam them which leads me to…
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  • The address will only be used to ship the prize to you in two parts. The quotebook and paperback book will come directly from The Book Depository. The chosen notepad and some chocolate/sweets will be shipped directly from me. I can’t be held liable for anything lost in the post but I will get proof of postage. Hopefully that won’t happen. All will be shipped from the UK so depending on your location you may have to wait several weeks. [edit] Please do not send me your addresses unless I contact you for it if you win.
  • And my personal promise; I will not spam you with this giveaway. I will always tag it ‘atw giveaway’ so you can block the post from your dash if you wish to.

I guess that’s it. If you have any comments, suggestions or anything inbox me and I’ll try and help! I just want to thank you again for your support over the past few years (or even hours if you’re a newbie), this is my way of giving back a little something. Thank you! – H x

25.5 hours left x

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1. Very excited to see how Bing’s reappearance plays out.

2. Also (Lady) Catherine’s storyline.

3. And Darcy’s reappearance, of course.

4. But mostly still uncomfortable with how the Wickham storyline played out. I feel like there’s still a gaping story-hole with many, many things unaccounted for as of yet - perhaps this is intentional: Lizzy is kept in the dark and the conveyance for the story is HER diaries, so I keep telling myself to give the creators the benefit of the doubt.

However, as it currently stands, they gave Gigi agency while taking it away from Lydia. The Lydia of the books might have had a tragic end, but she’s oblivious to it and in the end, it was her choice. Darcy asked what she wanted, she wanted to be married to George (as unwise a decision as the audience knows it to be), and she gets precisely that. 

5. Clearly, in the Lydia-Wickham storyline there was abuse. It’s an effective way of showing the danger of George in a 21st century storyline but again, why make it about abuse if no one will address the matter as such? I feel like a group of writers so cognizant of the fact that their audience is made up of a large percentage of impressionable young women would at least pay lip service to the fact that abuse is what went down, and that Lydia is AWOL because she’s getting help and getting better, please respect her privacy at this time, yadda yadda yadda.

6. I miss Charlotte. 

7. I really adore this fanfic ( The Opposite of Love is Indifference (on AO3)) because of how it characterizes how Lizzie deals with the fallout of all of her misjudgements — which is something that I don’t think any of the adaptations, not even the book itself, really does justice to. Emma gets to wallow a bit in hers (“I seem doomed to blindness”) but Lizzie has just as much reason to question herself and her future assessments but it doesn’t get the time to properly explore those feelings. 

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Fangirl Challenge: 3/10 favourite female characters —-> Lix Storm (The Hour)

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The touch. Extra footage pointed out by Izzythehutt

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Do you have any secret skills? (x)

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“Nick just… He just… KISSES ME! Stupid Nick Miller! UGH!”

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So by far the most common question (or suggestion) I’m getting is about the next adaptation. As I said on my AMA (just pointing you there because I answered a lot of questions about the show there), we haven’t set on it yet.

Now in the spirt of the “simply” meme. One does not simply choose a…

This has my brain going off in so many fun directions. On the one hand, I really don’t think the Brontes work - I think the stories are too dark and isolationist to function well in a social media platform.

Austen is awesome - though I think Emma gets disqualified because there is a definitive, mainstream modern adaptation (Clueless, holla!) - I think Sense & Sensibility vlog-brothers style would work best. Or possibly Northanger Abbey. I adore, adore Persuasion, but Anne Elliot is a very internal, closed off character who wouldn’t be a video blogger. Mansfield Park is difficult: specifically because it features a difficult heroine, who has more stuff happen *around* her than *to* her or *by her agency*. 

I was originally thinking that they must be doing Little Women - I can see Jo as a storyteller (another grad student who falls for her TA, Beher?) BUT L.M. Montgomery? I was never an Anne of Green Gables girl, so I can’t say that an adaptation of the series would speak to me. BUT BUT BUT… if they do My Blue Castle, I think I will pass out from sheer euphoria. It’s a story that I think very much speaks to growing up, even though the main character is slightly older when her transformation begins. She has consistent, funny commentary on her life, even though in the book, she has no one to hear her. She builds her own support network of outcasts, a better family than the one she was born into. So fingers crossed for Valancy and Barney!

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“I’ve been thinking about whether, on average, people are lonelier in real life than in novels,” Elizabeth Bachner wrote recently in the opening to an essay about (among other things) the novel Malina by Ingeborg Bachmann. I don’t have an answer, but the question makes me think about how much of life is about loneliness and efforts to cure or soothe loneliness, and how much of art is about loneliness and efforts to cure or soothe loneliness; and how loneliness is a word — easily enough spoken or written, like death or love – but really it’s a deep sadness, which is also a force, driving so many of our desires and actions, and at the same time shameful and hidden and nearly impossible to live with, out in the open, in any authentic way.

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